Frequently asked Questions

If the undernoted list of FAQ's does not help please Contact Us and one of our team will assist with your enquiry.

What areas of the country do you offer your service?

Our services are available all over the UK. We are based in the Scottish Borders area, but due to our special partnerships with some of the best landline, broadband and mobile infrastructure providers, we are able to provide the same great service and fantastic rates anywhere in the UK.

What will happen with my broadband connection that I already use?

When it comes to a broadband connection you are already using, you can still use it. This also applies to people who work at home and run small sites. Nevertheless, for an appropriate call quality and availability of lines for a larger site (which includes 50 or more users) you are strongly advised to use our Private Access Network with the appropriate broadband to handle your users.

Will there be any interruption or change to my service?

There will be no interruption or change to your service. Your service and phone number will remain the same.

Is it possible for me to use your services in my home?

Sure. We recommend you to use our home office solution, it's perfectly suited to your office extensions at your home.

How long are my contractual obligations?

Our customer’s contract includes a minimum period of 12 months with a regular duration of 36 months including 2 months cancellation notice. We can also offer contracts over a 60 month period.

What is required for an installation?

When it comes to your IP-phone all you need is the LAN infrastructure that you already use. On the other side, for larger and more complex installation you can use our mobile installation service.

What will happen to the numbers I am already using?

We can include your BT numbers in our network by our porting service.

I would like to know what is the installation lead-time?

The installation itself is quite simple and does not require much of your time. In addition, network delivery including provisioning requires no more than 20 days.

What will happen if the network fails?

Although the chances for this to happen are very small, you do not have to worry about this. We will take care of all your incoming calls where they are transferred to our data centre.

What will happen with my BT bill?

You do not need to worry about this process. We will provide you with a complete service that includes all elements of billing by providing one monthly invoice.

What will happen with my numbers in case I move?

With GB Technologies, your numbers will follow you wherever you relocate, so no cancellations and no need to wait for new lines to be installed at your new destination.

I am interested in this service, how do I pay for it?

You are free to use your Debit and Credit Card, bank transfer or Direct Debit payments.

How about the Internet access through GB Technologies?

For security reasons we are providing only a voice service which is separated from the Internet. We can help you choose a more suited broadband by recommending a company.

What services do you offer?

GB Technologies Limited can provide business landlines, telephone systems, IT services, business broadband and mobile services. We work with companies and organisations of all sizes and can offer extremely competitive rates.

What should I do if my phone is lost or stolen?

If your phone is lost or stolen, call us at 01896 752607 immediately and we will block your phone. You are responsible for all charges until you notify us.

Can I keep my number if I move to GB Technologies?

Yes, your number will stay the same.

I need a new line installed, who do I contact?

GB Technologies will arrange the installation of any new line: Call or email our sales team at GB Technologies.

What should I do if I experience a problem or fault with my line?

If you experience a problem or fault with your line, we are only a phone call away and our helpful and friendly customer services staff are available to assist you with any problems you may encounter.

Who would come to my site in case of any line fault?

In the event of any line fault an Openreach engineer would visit your site based on our assessment of the situation and we would arrange that visit for you.

Do I keep my number in the phone book?

Yes, these services will be transferred like-for-like with your lines, unless you specifically ask to be removed.

How will I be billed?

At GB Technologies Limited we bill all network services on a monthly basis. Calls are fully itemised and charged on a per-second basis. There are no minimum call charges, nor any connection charges.

Why a hosted voice solution?

The main reasons are flexibility and cost savings.

A hosted voice solution removes the need for you to maintain your own phone system and the associated costs to maintain it.

Also with a hosted solution you have the ability to treat all your locations as one network, scale up and down in days, not months and introduce a host of advanced features.

Is the quality of hosted voice as good as a standard phone line?

Yes, it's at least as good as the quality you would experience across an ISDN connection. Your call will travel across a managed VoIP network, so it is not subject to the best-effort quality of services like Skype, where calls are carried across the open Internet.

What are unified communications and are these included?

Unified communications are just another way some companies refer to virtually any form of communication, including voice, video and text-based media.

It may be best known for unified messaging capabilities, which allow users to access voice, email and other media from multiple devices or mailboxes, all part of the inclusive solutions we offer.

Can existing phones be used?

Existing phones can be used yes, but to enjoy the full benefits of an intelligent voice network we would recommend you use an IP phone for an extended set of features.

Can fax machines be included on a VoIP network?

Fax machines can not be included in a VoIP network but would utilise the analogue line used for internet access instead.

For inbound faxes we also offer a fax to email option, so faxes arrive direct to your inbox, increasing your security and reducing your environmental impact.

Do the phone numbers need to be changed?

Phone numbers do not need to be changed as you can port your existing phone numbers from your existing phone provider to GB Technologies Limited Network.

We can supplement these numbers should you wish to add more in-dial services.

Can hosted voice reduce my phone bill?

Yes, hosted voice can reduce your phone bill.

If you have multiple offices you will enjoy free calls between offices in the same way that you make calls between extensions in a single office.

You will also enjoy competitive pricing on national, international and fixed-to-mobile phone calls.

Will hosted voice reduce my internal IT resource requirements?

A hosted voice solution will reduce the level of administration work, particularly when managing changes to your phone system.

Moves are easy – the user takes the phone handset with them to the new work station.

Changes to features and add-ons are handled through an intuitive web portal, and all system upgrades are managed by GB Technologies Limited.

Can a hosted voice solution help manage peak call loads?

Yes, calls can be allocated or queued according to available capacity at each location.

Callers to a local office can also be redirected to another location on your network if there are no staff available to take a call.

What is the difference between a hosted solution and a telephone solution?

The difference between a hosted solution and a telephone solution is that a hosted solution gains connection via ADSL/SDSL/MPLS and a telephone solution is connected by traditional ISDN30/ISDN2/Analogue Lines.

I would like to know more about VoIP?

VoIP stands for the Voice over Internet Protocol. Internet technology serves as the mechanism of delivery for your phone calls. VoIP itself will become standard in the near future eliminating traditional lines altogether.

Can I use my current phone system. Is that possible?

With our SIP service the existing IP and PBX are enabled to ensure the advantages of VoIP networks. In this case your current device can be configured with us.

What is happening with free calls?

You can definitely count on that. Our packages include this opportunity for our users. When using our PAN you can experience free calls between company users.

What about my current LCR (Least Cost Routing) provider?

You have to be aware that all of your traffic associated to the PTN (Public Telephone Network) will be terminated. In addition, VoIP calls can provide you with significant savings. Therefore, you will not need your LCR provider anymore.

Will we have a maintenance agreement?

We will take care and maintain your telephony. Therefore, no such agreement is required.

What is required for a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) installation?

When it comes to your IP-phone all you need is the LAN infrastructure that you already use.

Will I save money on my phone bills?

Yes, by transferring your services to GB Technologies Limited, your telephone bills can be reduced dramatically.

What happens if there's a power failure?

If you lose power, your phone handset won't work unless you connect it to a UPS. This equally applies to a conventional PBX.

With an IP Tel system you can manage the network through a web interface and quickly apply disaster-recovery routing.

So if an office loses its power, all calls can be directed to another location, or be forwarded to the individual mobile or home phone number of each staff member.

Can I use email on your network?

You can use email on our network, but we believe email addresses should be independent of broadband providers so a customer is not tied to them. To that end we do not offer free email addresses. You can register a free email address such as Google Mail, or purchase your own domain name and pop box. We do not offer an open relay SMTP server to our broadband customers, however we can supply a fully-hosted email service with webmail for a small additional charge.

What is IT Managed Services?

IT Managed Services is the transfer of management of some or all of an organisation’s IT operations to an IT service provider such as GB Technologies Limited. Typically a client pays a flat monthly fee for this service. We can also provide bespoke services depending on your needs.

Why should I choose GB Technologies Limited Managed Services?

Choosing GB Technologies Limited for your IT Managed Services allows you peace of mind to concentrate on what you do best, your business.

Do I still have to pay BT line rental if I get Broadband?

You will still have to pay BT line rental if you get Broadband, as your line rental is unrelated to your Broadband service. The service makes use of your existing telephone line. It splits the signal into two channels, one for voice communications and the other for the high speed data communications. It makes use of a frequency range not used in normal voice communications.