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In order to keep costs down for everybody and to help the environment we provide the option of paperless invoicing. We can provide your bills in a PDF format. We’re happy to provide you with which ever format suits your working requirements. A simple request to one of of customer services team will ensure your bills are provided correctly.


Most typical contracts operate on a working week/office hour basis, but we can offer 24/7 packages, if business critical cover is required. At GB Technologies Limited we understand that some businesses may have different requirements and we are happy to tailor a level of cover to suit your particular needs.

Green Policy

At GB Technologies Limited, social responsibility is one of our company values. We believe that our success is not just measured in profit margins and year end targets, but in how we interact with our customers, and the positive contribution we give to the environment. GB Technologies Limited is dedicated to operating our business in a responsible and sustainable way. Our co-ordinated environmental policies ensure that we continuously seek opportunities to improve and enhance our environmental performance. We provide email billing to customers wherever possible, to reduce the levels of paper usage and if you are still on paper billing and wish to move to email billing please email or speak to our Network team. To help companies reduce their carbon footprint GB Technologies Limited provide a range of audio, video and web conferencing facilities to reduce the need for non-essential travel in the workplace. GB Technologies Limited has a responsibility to the wider community and we are committed to environmental protection.

This means we will:

• Ensure sustainable development in environmental protection by careful use of natural resources, our aim being to avoid pollution or to reduce it to a minimum, above and beyond statutory requirements.

• Work continually toward reducing the burden on the environment, minimising associated risks and lowering the use of energy and resources, above and beyond the legal requirements.

• Take appropriate precautions to avoid environmental hazards and to prevent damage to the environment.

• Assess and incorporate the potential impact on the environment in product and process planning at the earliest possible stage.

• Ensure that our environmental policy is implemented effectively by applying appropriate management systems. The technical and organisational procedures required to do this are monitored regularly and constantly further developed.

• Ensure the constant duty of management to increase and encourage awareness of responsibility at all levels and require each employee to act in an environmentally conscious manner.

• Work with our business partners to promote conformity with similar objectives and work in a spirit of co-operation with the relevant authorities.

• Inform the public of the impact on the environment caused by the company and our activities related to the environment and supply our customers with information on ways to minimise any potentially adverse environmental impacts of our products.

• Remove non-essential business travel wherever possible, operate a paperless office operation wherever possible and always operate a customer billing by email policy.