Telephone Lines & Mobile Tariffs & Calls

Telephone Lines & Calls

With our range of business fixed lines, GB Technologies Limited can provide the co-ordination and installation needed to ensure that all work is completed with minimal disruption to your business function. Our services include:

  • Analogue (PSTN)
  • ISDN2e
  • ISDN30e
  • Multilines
  • SIP Services

Business Mobile Tariffs

Let GB Technologies Limited help you choose the right network, tariff and handset to suit your present and future requirements. Our qualified team can, through a detailed analysis of your current and expected mobile phone usage, provide you with:

  • A mobile deal to meet your necessities
  • Reduced mobile phone bills
  • Peace of mind
  • One point of contact

Co-ordinated installation procedures mean minimum disruption to your business. Choose the right network, tariff and handsets to meet present and future needs.

As a supplier of telecommunication services we adhere to Ofcom regulations. These Codes of Practice are published on our website at the following link:Codes of Practice
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