Connectivity Consultants

What We Do

With a unique combination of expertise within the Telecommunication and IT Industry, teamed with a powerful portfolio of communication products and services, our dedicated account management and support staff will work in close consultation with you, to suit all your communication needs.

At GB Technologies Limited we will analyse your existing equipment, services and costs and from these findings we will produce recommendations to improve cost management, productivity and customer service. We endeavour to make implementation of our communications solutions as seamless as possible.

Stage 1 - Audit

Our starting point is an audit of your existing infrastructure. This gives us a thorough and comprehensive understanding of your working environment and serves as a basis for all our equipment and solutions recommendations.

Stage 2 - Installation

Once we have agreement on the solution, we schedule all implementation work at a time that suits you best by arranging the number of days on-site, the hardware and software required and a smooth roll-out that will gain maximum support from all involved.

Stage 3 - Aftercare

Once implemented your solution is protected by our ongoing maintenance which ensures maximum uptime of your operation, and round-the-clock support is available via our user-friendly helpdesk staff.

Dedicated Helpdesk

Unforeseen technology problems can have a devastating effect on your business. Something as simple as a failed switch can bring your entire network to a standstill. If an emergency happens then you need a dedicated IT helpdesk that has a professional team available to respond quickly and effectively.

Widest Choice

As a provider of telecommunications and IT for all businesses we keep our finger on the pulse of the latest technological innovations and can advise on how best to take advantage of all communication developments.

Knowledge and Expertise

With almost thirty years of experience in providing both telecommunications and IT solutions to businesses and organisations, we take pride in our successful track record with small and large scale projects. The collective expertise of our qualified staff and network of partners to provide communication equipment and support service all over the United Kingdom, is unparalleled.


As GB Technologies Limited is a privately owned company, we can provide flexible service options, which can be swiftly implemented by our management team to meet your business needs and objectives.

Quality and Value

At GB Technologies Limited, we take immense pride in our reputation for the service, quality and value for money solutions we provide to our customers and our dedication to improvement, and to raising standards even higher. Being financially sound and committed to investing in the future, we believe we provide companies and organisations with stable, strong and mutually beneficial long term business relationships.


Our comprehensive portfolio of products and ongoing management services administered by our experienced team enables us to offer a one-stop-shop solution to existing and new clients.